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Artist Statement
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Artist Statement

I love to explore the landscape by foot, on slow meditative walks. I find my imagery and inspiration almost everywhere I go; sometimes in our quiet Vancouver home neighborhood and sometimes thousands of miles away. I feel a deep connection to Southwest England and Cornwall, where I follow footpaths across ancient ceremonial landscapes where one might encounter a sacred grove of trees, holy well, or a circle of standing stones. In my art, I honor the spiritual atmosphere of these places, including both the seen and unseen aspects of an environment. Poet Kelly Lenox Allan describes my art as having a “mythic, otherworldly quality.” Art making for me is a multifaceted process including but not limited to painting, photography, dreaming, journaling, dancing, singing, and traveling. I carry a simple art kit with me everywhere I go. I often receive inspiration and imagery while riding on a train, bus, or sitting in an airport as well as sitting under an ancient tree in the aura of a megalithic stone circle. The first of my many journeys to England began around the Summer Solstice 1990. I started to work with Polaroid transfers and other mixed media imagery of ancient Britain the next year. I combine Polaroid films and acrylic paints on paper, making one-of-a-kind art pieces, known as Postal Odyssey, which chronicle my travels.

Christine Eagon - October 2006


Christine Eagon is a fine art photographer, painter, and Director of the Inner Light Photographic Society. Christine teaches art and photo workshops through Oregon College of Art and Craft and Newspace Center for Photography. Her work has been selected for numerous juried solo exhibitions and included in the Ruth Bernhard Shedrich Williames School of Photography permanent collection at the Kresge Art Museum in East Lansing, Michigan.

Holga Photographs

To the Tor includes selenium toned silver gelatin prints of the Glastonbury Tor, Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill and other power places of ancient England.Images in this series were made using a plastic Holga camera and traditional darkroom printing.

To the Tor is a visual pilgrimage from the sacred hill known as Glastonbury Tor to the westernmost tip of England at Cornwall. These photographs pay homage to the ceremonial landscape of ancient Britain that I have explored for two decades.”

Postal Odyssey

Christine’s postal artifacts include Polaroid transfer images, collages, and drawings of ancient Britain that were exchanged through the mail with Barbara Bruch and various other artists. As an international traveler, artist and journal writer, Christine uses photographs and mixed media to document her journeys.

“I was inspired to create unique visual chronicles of my travels a.k.a. Postal Odyssey after visiting the Royal Mail in Bath, England, summer of 1997. Now, an essential element of my travel (especially trips to mystical England) is the ritual making and mailing of postal art.”


Her black and white portraits are featured in the book, traveling exhibition, and documentary video STRONG HEARTS, INSPIRED MINDS. She received grants in 1995 from the Portland Photographer’s Forum and John Anson Kiteredge foundation for the book project collaboration with author Anne Mavor.


Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions

Through the Lens and Beyond 2015
Solo exhibition at Angst Gallery, Vancouver WA
Christine Eagon Photographs and Paintings 2014
Solo exhibition at Cellar 55 Wine Tasting Room, Vancouver WA
Spirit of Place Paintings inspired by Sacred Sites with Anne Mavor 2013
Kempton Hall at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Portland OR
Christine Eagon 1990 to Present 2013
Tiger Lily Restaurant, Vancouver WA
Christine Eagon Retrospective 2009
Angst Gallery, Vancouver WA
Mystical Postal Pilgrimage to Ancient Britain 2006
Christine Eagon and Barbara Bruch
Janovec Gallery, Portland OR
Paper, Paint and Polaroids 2001
Solo Exhibition at Camerawork Gallery, Portland OR
Through the Lens of Time 1998
Polaroid Transfers of Fort Vancouver National Historic Site
Fort Vancouver Visitor's Center, Vancouver WA
Strong Hearts, Inspired Minds, a Collaboration…. 1997
Book, traveling exhibition, and documentary video with Anne Mavor
Huntington Beach Arts Center, Huntington Beach CA